Short-Shorts-Wearing Dad Pushes Dangerous 'Modest Is Hottest' Agenda

The weight of the entire world's sexuality is on the shoulders of teen girls. Or is it their legs? It seems like all day long we in a frenzy over their dark magical powers. Do they know what they are doing? Are they doing it ON PURPOSE? Because from the Salem witch trials to the modern day devil harlots, girls have… »9/14/13 1:30pm9/14/13 1:30pm

Underbutt: Our Best Weapon Against the Bullshit Mythology of Cellulite

Thanks to the ubiquitous cheeky shorts trend, these days, you can't angrily chuck an iPhone without hitting some teen in the exposed buttcheeks. Some naysayers might say that this is Bad because won't somebody think of the intact hymens? or that it's Harmful because what about those of us with buttcheeks we don't… »9/04/13 6:15pm9/04/13 6:15pm

5 Hideous Things Urban Outfitters Wants You To Wear This Summer

The Urban Outfitters Summer catalog has hit mailboxes and there's a world of ugly inside. Oh, not everything is hideous, but there are a few things — sure to be seen on your local hipster — that just seem cringe-inducing. High-waisted shorts, lacy underwear as outerwear, Soviet-era shoes? The offenders, after the jump. »5/15/08 3:00pm5/15/08 3:00pm