In This Half-Hour Horror Film, An Old Lady's Apartment Is The Monster

Anna is excited to find a cheap new apartment in Vienna, even if it's covered in old lady decor. But she quickly learns that her new home comes with a price: her youth. » 5/06/14 9:26pm 5/06/14 9:26pm

A ballet audition turns into a cyborg battle in this animated short

Gene Kim started his NYU Tisch undergraduate thesis film Fighting Spirits before Black Swan came out, but it also plays with the classic image of dueling ballerinas in black and white. But when these ladies battle on stage, they fight with something heavier than toe shoes. » 5/26/13 12:18pm 5/26/13 12:18pm

A surprisingly upbeat animated short about an astronaut and his dog on…

Space Bound finds a young astronaut and his dog stranded and running out of oxygen, but this space-themed fantasy film shows that, even in our final moments, we can delight in the wonders of the universe and the companionship of someone we love. » 4/14/13 4:39pm 4/14/13 4:39pm

If The Cliché Fits! Are We Actually 'Obsessed' With Shoes?

This short film, Ben Pietor's "It's All About the Shoes", just won the Red Ribbon at the Tropfest Film Festival. The film, about a shoe-obsessed woman who "meets her fate," is well done, but it got me thinking about women's alleged obsession with shoes. When I worked in an office, we used to sheepishly conceal the… » 10/06/08 3:40pm 10/06/08 3:40pm