Men Spend More Than Women on Clothes, Study Says

Well, well, well! Look what we have here! Smack in the middle of Men’s Fashion Month, a new study reveals that men spend more per month on clothing an accessories than women—not by much, at $85 to women’s $75, but a fact still relevant enough to cite the next time some idiot dude makes a “women be shopping” joke.


Six Things to Buy If You Want to Backpack Without Looking Like a Backpacker 

The traditional backpacking uniform involves convertible zip-off cargo pants and Keen sandals that resemble medical devices. It’s not chic. Of course, you want to leave your heels and lacy dresses at home when you’re wandering dusty streets and trails somewhere: backpacking for seven months changed my style completely

Prime of Life: The Story of My 20s, as Told in Amazon Purchases

Amazon turns 20 today, which means it’s nearly the same age I was when I graduated college, moved across the country, and started living alone. The world has changed, and Amazon has its own transition period to undergo. But if it’s anything like me, it can manage these growing pains easily—with an overflowing digital…