Rush Limbaugh Seriously Loses His Shit, Randomly Attacks Another Young…

It seems that after several days of mounting public pressure, Rush Limbaugh has finally cracked. How else could you explain his attempt to move beyond this whole "hating on young women" debacle by continuing to attack young women? Today's victim? Author Tracie McMillan, who represents another one of those awful… » 3/06/12 5:30pm 3/06/12 5:30pm

Rush Limbaugh Calls Birth Control Advocate a Whore

The talking butthole that replaced Rush Limbaugh's face decades ago is making sounds again. This time, the sounds are about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law student who was denied the right to testify before a Congressional committee about the necessity of employer-provided birth control. In short, Limbaugh thinks… » 2/29/12 6:45pm 2/29/12 6:45pm