Nick Jonas Takes It All Off, Shows Off Butt in Steamy New Movie

Glory, Glory Hallelujah! It’s another day and another opportunity for Nick Jonas (keeper of one of the world’s best physiques) to grace us with another glimpse of his posterior: Clothed, unclothed and every stage in-between. Why does Nick Jonas keep doing this to us when he knows that heart attacks are the number… »4/08/15 9:00pm4/08/15 9:00pm


Everyone's Super Cool with Congressman Aaron Schock's Shirtlessness

If you're a resident of Illinois, you may be familiar with Republican congressman Aaron Schock. If you aren't a resident of Illinois but are a fan of hot shirtless men (or read the New York Times Style section) you're may also be familiar with Schock – he gets a lot of positive attention for doing what no female… »5/22/14 5:15pm5/22/14 5:15pm

Unstoppable Army of Hot Shirtless Men Has Invaded New York City

Here's a thing that is apparently going on in my city that I haven't realized is happening: guys — hot ones — in The Big Apple (you're allowed to call it The Big Apple if you've lived here for less than 2 years) are taking their shirts off and just, like, walking around with their nips out. It has to be true. It's in… »8/01/13 10:50am8/01/13 10:50am