Shirley Sherrod Sues Andrew Breitbart's Lying Ass

Breitbart's website Big Government went on a crusade against the former USDA official using heavily doctored video and distortions; she was fired and then, when cleared, offered her job back. Breitbart's response to the lawsuit has been to preemptively claim himself a First Amendment martyr. » 2/14/11 10:53am 2/14/11 10:53am

Shirley Sherrod Will Pass On That Job Offer, Thanks

Fired USDA official Shirley Sherrod has turned down Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack's offer of another job. However, she doesn't rule out helping the department in the future. » 8/24/10 4:38pm 8/24/10 4:38pm

Sherrod To Sue Fearmongering Blogger Who Got Her Fired

Ex-USDA official Shirley Sherrod has said she will sue Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger whose creative cutting of one of her speeches caused her to lose her job. But can she win? » 7/30/10 9:30am 7/30/10 9:30am

Obama Personally Apologizes To Shirley Sherrod

Shirley Sherrod Would Like To Have A Word With Obama

Shirley Sherrod, the USDA employee fired over false racism allegations, has been offered a new government job. But she says she might turn it down, and she wants to talk to Obama directly. Will he make the call? » 7/22/10 9:30am 7/22/10 9:30am

Right-Wing Fearmongers Get A Black Official Fired

USDA official Shirley Sherrod was fired after a video surfaced that made some fear she was racist against white people. Now it seems she was framed — and that the conversation about racism in this country has become seriously sick. » 7/21/10 9:40am 7/21/10 9:40am