The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Casey Anthony Diorama

Just days after the discovery of the Casey Anthony crafts popping up on Etsy, the seller of a "one of a kind rendition" of the Casey Anthony trial has disappeared completely: » 7/09/11 4:30pm 7/09/11 4:30pm

Amy Sedaris Wants You To Wrap Up All Of Your Crap In Gold

In a new viral spot for Chipotle, our favorite spendthrift craft-master encourages us to "Wrap What You Love" in order to impress house guests. Achieving "Goldacious Entertainment" is simple, really: wrap all of your favorite stuff in gold foil and voilà! Instant wealth. » 5/04/11 5:40pm 5/04/11 5:40pm

Amy Sedaris Shows You Crafts For Poor Folks

Actress/comedian Amy Sedaris is a funny lady who takes crafting very seriously. This morning she appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to promote Simple Times, her budget-friendly guide to creating crafts out of found materials. » 11/03/10 1:19pm 11/03/10 1:19pm

Christina Hendricks Does More Etsy Modeling

In June Christina Hendricks was spotted modeling for her friend Tamara Mello's Etsy store. This week, four more shots of Christina appeared, so if you want a scarf worn by Joan (or made by Popular's Lily Esposito), now's your chance. » 8/19/10 6:17pm 8/19/10 6:17pm

Christina Hendricks Is An Etsy Model

We imagine there are many benefits to having Christina Hendricks as a friend—she seems pretty great. And if you've got an Etsy shop, she might model your wares. When it comes to crafts, celebrity endorsements never hurt! [TheWrap] » 6/25/10 6:20pm 6/25/10 6:20pm

5 Reasons Why DIY Is Good For You

Mark Frauenfelder, editor-in-chief of Make magazine, says DIY is, among other things, about "the courage to screw up" and "an opportunity to use your hands and brain." Got a crafty weekend planned? I'm gonna make postcards! [HuffPo, Image via Regretsy] » 5/28/10 11:40am 5/28/10 11:40am

Regretsy Takes Aim At Crappy Crafters Everywhere

The crew at Regretsy is tired of seeing crappy crafts pop-up on the DIY crafting site: "While we have appreciation for people with real talent," they say, "we can't help laughing at the ones who don't have any." » 10/03/09 12:45pm 10/03/09 12:45pm

Knitters Take To The Streets

Knitted wool tubes in bright colors have started to appear on signposts and trees in Sydney, Australia, the work of street artist Denise Litchfield. It is part of a growing global movement of guerrilla knitters. » 1/14/09 10:40am 1/14/09 10:40am

She's Crafty

"I decided on making cozies for empowering objects which happened to be very hard, masculine, recognizable objects. The covers kind of softened them up and changed their determined roles," explains extreme knitter Teresa Honeywell. She was, of course, inspired by a toilet-paper cozy at a flea market. "It kind of made… » 12/01/08 3:45pm 12/01/08 3:45pm


Calling all knitters! Check out the ultimate in crafty chic: A Wonder Woman sweater. According to its creator, Kaby, it took "14 months to make, using 4ply wool, 3mm needles, a plain jumper pattern from the seventies, a ton of graph paper and pictures of Wonder Woman, and about a million bobbins for the intarsia."… » 3/27/08 3:30pm 3/27/08 3:30pm

Scrapbooking Rock Star Victim Of Scrappy Smackdown

Some women are obsessed with scrapbooking, making the hobby a $2.6-billion industry. Built around, you know, cutting and pasting. But it's serious business, as you know if you've heard about the scrapbook smackdown. According to a story in the Los Angeles Times, it all started when 28-year-old "scrapbooking rock star"… » 1/14/08 5:40pm 1/14/08 5:40pm