Of Course Lindsay Lohan's Being Accused of Partying All Night

Bleh. Seven days out of Cliffside, where Lindsay Lohan served her 90 days of court-ordered rehab, she has allegedly been spotted partying with her friend-and-occasional-hookup Max George and sister Ali in Los Angeles. The party went all night, and a "source" (a pigeon? That disgusting oil heir Brandon "Firecrotch"… » 8/09/13 9:00am 8/09/13 9:00am

Short, Shiny Dresses and Cool Shoes at the CMT Awards

Last night at the CMT Music awards in Nashville, there were sparkly dresses, short dresses, and short and sparkly dresses. Some of it was good, some of it was bad, some of it was tacky. Put your sunglasses on and take a look. » 6/06/13 1:20pm 6/06/13 1:20pm

AMC Begs Jon Hamm to Put His Penis Away

While Jon Hamm is known for leaving only one thin layer of clothing between us and him, which has left an indelible large-phallus-shaped imprint on the Internet/cultural landscape/your dreams, AMC is concerned that our more-than-passing acquaintance with his scrote is distracting us from all the Serious Acting that… » 3/20/13 9:00am 3/20/13 9:00am

Pippa Middleton Trades Writing for Belgian Boar Hunting

Shockingly, nobody is looking for any more crack party planning advice from Pippa Middleton since her book Celebrate made a fart noise that echoed throughout the publishing industry (although tips like "Make ice!!!" are extremely helpful), her following two book offers—one on wedding planning and another on… » 1/22/13 9:00am 1/22/13 9:00am

Sheryl Crow Thinks She Got a Brain Tumor From Her Cell Phone, and Other…

I always knew that Stephen King books were based in reality: Sheryl Crow struck fear into the hearts of all by suggesting that her benign brain tumor was caused by cell phone use, although "there are no doctors that will confirm that," she told Katie Couric. "I do have the theory that it's possible that it's related… » 9/11/12 9:00am 9/11/12 9:00am

Katie Couric's New Theme Song by Sheryl Crow Sounds Exactly Like You…

The Katie Couric talk show we've all been waiting for, all our lives, forever, has debuted its new theme song, written and performed by none other than Couric's friend Sheryl Crow. The Grammy winner talked about what went into penning the theme song for Katie: » 7/27/12 9:00am 7/27/12 9:00am

In what could only be called Nancy Drew and the…

Sheryl Crow Has a Brain Tumor, But Don't Worry—It's Benign

Sheryl Crow knew something was off when she forgot the words to "Soak Up the Sun" at a Florida concert last month, but chalked it up to her [super-hot] old age: "I'm 50, what can I say? My brain's gone to shit." Well, turns out, Crow—a breast cancer survivor—actually has a benign brain tumor called meningioma, which… » 6/05/12 8:15pm 6/05/12 8:15pm

Sandra Bullock's Ex Involved in Race Crash

Yes, I thought Jesse James had gotten himself into more Nazi uniform-related trouble when I read the headline, too, but it turns out that he was involved in an errant car race, not in the more-expected racism. » 11/25/10 10:35am 11/25/10 10:35am

American Music Awards Fashion: Jesus Christ, Ke$ha

So this happened. But so did a lot of other things, like lots of black lace, random pops of grown-up glamour (which is not really what the AMAs are about, but hey), and Nicki Minaj. Oh, where to begin? » 11/22/10 10:54am 11/22/10 10:54am

True Glitz At Country Music Awards

The 58th Annual BMI Country Music Awards were a combination of classic country and modern showbiz, glitz and restraint. Between Taylor Swift, Martina McBride, Faith Hill and, um, Sandra Lee, we got a picture of Nashville 2010. » 11/10/10 10:35am 11/10/10 10:35am

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