Watch Shepard Smith Try to Describe Anthony Weiner's Latest Dick Pic

On Tuesday afternoon, while introducing a segment with Arthur Aidala, a man who apparently "knows" Anthony Weiner, Fox News host Shepard Smith attempted to explain the what exactly Weiner's penis looked like to those who were watching Fox and not furiously googling. » 7/24/13 12:30pm 7/24/13 12:30pm

Palins, David Letterman Continue To Take (Sometimes Cheap) Shots

Chris Rock's Daughters Want To Be BFF With The Obama Girls

To try to come in like a lamb and go out like a lion, today Ana Marie Cox and I talk puppies, pedicures, Elvira, Bill Kristol, and the death of journalism. Do lions cry? » 12/15/08 10:00am 12/15/08 10:00am

Hillary Wins Another Primary!

Done and done and done and yup, even the Wall Street Journal thinks done. Hillary officially halted her frenzied schedule of telling the cable newsiverse how Good she feels and what a Good Time she's having and how Good it feels to be taking policy advice from Joe Sixpack etc. etc. And how did Obama do it? And how did » 5/07/08 10:00am 5/07/08 10:00am

Drew Peterson Manages To Offend Fox News

UPDATE: Stacy Peterson's body maybe was found.
Hey, it's Drew Peterson! Haven't heard from that guy in awhile; I bet you assumed because was so busy looking for the "real killer" of his 98 missing wives or something! Well no. He's been working on his comedy routine. Here's the punchline: Drew — specifically, his lawyer » 1/25/08 7:00pm 1/25/08 7:00pm

Either Angelina Jolie Is Subtly Disapproving Of The Murdoch-Dow Jones…

Angelina Jolie apparently shut out Fox News from covering the New York premiere of A Mighty Heart last night. (Hey even we were there!) But we find this annoying because, one, we kind of love Shepard Smith, and two, the whole point of the film is to depict a super-nuanced situation wherein an innocent Wall Street… » 6/14/07 12:28pm 6/14/07 12:28pm

Oxy Withdrawal? Or Just "Spoiled Bratitis"? Shep And Greta Tackle The…

You know we love Shepard Smith the most of all anchormanchildren, and Greta Van Susteren the most of all the Scientologists, and what we love about the two of them together is that, in spite of all their accumulated combined professional gravitas, they attack a subject like Paris's courtroom conduct like we would talk… » 6/08/07 5:40pm 6/08/07 5:40pm

Shephard Smith Is Our Kind Of Rape-Joke-Defending "Fox News" Anchor

We have what is either a healthy or sick fascination with Fox News anchor Shepard Smith. For starters, he is on Fox. He totally tore Sean Hannity a new one after Hurricane Katrina, but he looks like a demonic Bratz doll! He won't talk about his (obviously liberal) personal political views, but he also won't talk… » 5/14/07 3:10pm 5/14/07 3:10pm