Sarah Silverman Offers Billionaire a Vigorous Scissoring if He Donates to Obama

Sarah Silverman, the voice of the post-2000 female id, has offered an indecent proposal to billionaire Mitt Romney backer Sheldon Adelson — commit $100 million to Barack Obama instead of Mitt Romney, and she'll personally scissor the shit out of his nearly septuagenarian Las Vegas crotch. Then she sorta demonstrates… »7/16/12 3:45pm7/16/12 3:45pm


What's This Guy Doing On The Blog? Just Fucking Up The World, Folks!

One of the cool things about writing for a "women's" blog that actively rails against the ghettoization of women's voices in the "women's" media is that it gives me the only excuse I can really think of to draw your attention to the work of a woman journalist who has succeeded in resisting said ghettoization, the New… »6/24/08 6:00pm6/24/08 6:00pm