Jennifer Lawrence Flips Off the Press Room and More Gossip from the Oscars

While you were staggering home in a prosecco haze, celebrities were still out partying, and here's some post-Oscar nuggets for you to munch on. Okay, so yeah, Jennifer Lawrence fell down on her way to collect her Best Actress Oscar. We can perhaps attribute this to her previous confession that she was planning to get … »2/25/13 9:00am2/25/13 9:00am

Justin Bieber Has Made an Enemy of the California Hamster Organization

The California Hamster Organization (Suggested alternate name: Hamsters, Motherfucker™) have accused Justin Bieber of animal cruelty after he gave his little buddy Pac away to a particularly enthused fan. Their objections are that hamsters "often succumb quickly to illness and death," especially when faced with… »12/20/12 9:00am12/20/12 9:00am

Olympic Medalist Shaun White Charged with Being a Violent Drunken Nightmare Person

Human gum-flavor Shaun White—you know, that tomato fellow who does the snow-skating?—reportedly pulled a fire alarm at his hotel Sunday night, got into a fist fight with a phone, then kicked a good Samaritan who attempted to impede his escape. He also gave himself a black eye by running into a fence. It was, as far as… »9/17/12 8:45pm9/17/12 8:45pm

Is Fashion The Sports Of Chicks? And If So, Isn't That Kind Of Scary?

The obvious implication of putting Gisele and Lebron James on the cover of Vogue's "Shape issue" is that fashion is the female equivalent of sports. Well, no, scratch that, it's not so much the implication as the explicit premise: "Gisele Bundchen," the story explains, is "the Lebron James of fashion modeling." As … »3/20/08 12:00pm3/20/08 12:00pm

Why Is Isaac Mizrahi Whoring Out His Name To Sell Skinned Animals?

  • Isaac Mizrahi just inked a fur licensing deal. WTF, Isaac? Was all your money in collateralized debt obligations tied to the subprime mortgage market? Yeah, didn't think so. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton has taken a job working for famed fashion photographer Mario Testino, starting in a…
  • »1/23/08 11:30am1/23/08 11:30am