Watch Two Drone Guys Achieve the Rare Shark Tank Sweep With Terrifying Device Called 'PhoneDrone'

This is what it looks like when your history is written, America: two calculating drone freaks enticing a group of television billionaires to go all in for a $6 million valuation that depends on the promise that, one day, all our phones could be drones. »10/26/15 10:50am10/26/15 10:50am


Shark Tank's Mr. Wonderful Only Makes Money Off Companies Led by Women

Kevin O’Leary, unofficial star of the capitalist-utopian propaganda TV show Shark Tank, is known for dropping vicious entrepreneurial truth bombs of the highest caliber: “You’re dead to me,” he spits, at the slightest hint of future inconvenience. “Don’t cry about money, it never cries about you.” Recently, the… »5/18/15 2:15pm5/18/15 2:15pm

Nice Shark Robert Herjavec Is Really Coming Into His Own as a Dancer

This is Robert Herjavec, perpetually smiling television entrepreneur and new contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The "son of an immigrant factory worker," Herjavec is essentially the nicest man in the world—certainly, the nicest Shark in the Tank—and it cheers me to be able to aggregate the news for you that,… »3/16/15 6:50pm3/16/15 6:50pm

Shark Tank's Endlessly Weird But Always Entertaining Gender Obsession

The fact that ABC's Shark Tank is even a show on television will be a surprise to anyone who enjoys leaving the house on a Friday night. But once you dive into this pool teeming with dangerous underwater creatures, you'll soon discover the secret reason for its success: the drama provoked through a strangely… »5/17/14 3:10pm5/17/14 3:10pm