Shut Up, PETA

Whether they're calling shark attacks "payback" or accusing photographers of necrophilia, PETA rarely goes a month without a serious dick move. Here's why they're one of the worst supposedly do-gooder organizations out there. » 9/29/11 5:45pm 9/29/11 5:45pm

Water Birth

A shark from a New Zealand aquarium shocked viewers when it gave another shark a cesarean section with its teeth. This saved the lives of four babies (that would otherwise have been born at night and immediately eaten). [NZHerald] » 11/11/09 3:30pm 11/11/09 3:30pm

Surfer Survives Shark Attack, Wins Second Place

Bethany Hamilton, 18, came in second in the ASP World Junior Women’s Surfing Championships, despite a significant handicap: Bethany has only one arm. » 1/12/09 12:40pm 1/12/09 12:40pm