‘Every Single Woman in America Is Now Curvy’ — and That’s a Good Thing

There's a smart, funny read on The Cut right now that gives the overuse of the word "curvy" as a descriptor for All Types of Women a good talking-to. Lauren Bans takes on the fashion and entertainment media's exhaustive use of the term in all situations involving females, citing loads of examples, and shows how, when… » 12/12/12 4:30pm 12/12/12 4:30pm

Inventor of Spanx is World's Youngest Female Self-Made Billionaire

A product promising to help people look thin has given its inventor a big fat wallet. Thanks to her ingenious idea to combine insecurity, enormous underpants, and elastic sausage casings, Sara Blakely, the forty-one-year-old inventor of Spanx, is now the world's youngest female self-made billionaire. » 3/08/12 11:40am 3/08/12 11:40am

3 Ways Women's Fitness Magazines Destroy The Soul

Here at Jezebel, we really want to cover fitness magazines. We buy Shape » 11/24/08 1:20pm 11/24/08 1:20pm and , we read them... and somehow, our brains run dry. After hours of concentrated thought (translation: long plane flight), we've figured out why it's so hard to talk to you about and 's sweatier sisters. It's because they're actually than…