The First Female NFL Referee Has to Deal With a Lot More Than Touchdowns

Shannon Eastin made history last night as the first woman referee to preside over the field in NFL history. Why did it take so long for Eastin (or any woman) to put on that striped shirt? Although she has 16 years of officiating experience and referees in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference of the Football… »8/10/12 6:30pm8/10/12 6:30pm


Shannon Eastin Will Soon Become the NFL’s First Female Instant-Replay Viewer

Thursday will mark sort of a big day in gender equality when Shannon Eastin, formerly a college football referee in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, will become the first woman ever to be part of an NFL officiating crew. Sure, it's a preseason game and Eastin's just part of a replacement crew helping to tide the… »8/06/12 9:15pm8/06/12 9:15pm