A Moment of Appreciation for the Glorious Country Fashions of the '90s

On Wednesday night, I had a grand old time watching the CMA Awards, inexplicable Ariana Grande appearance and all. But around the time Loretta Lynn showed up wearing ten tons of sequins and they ran that supercut of classic Vince Gill moments, I began to long for the fabulous country music fashions of the 1990s. » 11/06/14 3:50pm 11/06/14 3:50pm

J-Lo Didn't Get Face Surgery--She's Just NATURALLY MAGNIFICENT

After some dickhead plastic surgeon tweeted a photo of Jennifer Lopez's face and claimed that she'd clearly had work done, J-Lo hopped on the tweeter and SMACKED THAT SHIT DOWN HERSELF. » 11/04/13 8:35pm 11/04/13 8:35pm

Kim Kardashian's Milkshake Brings Tear Gas to the Yard

As you may recall, in penance for her pro-Israel Tweet, Kim Kardashian planned a trip to Bahrain to learn about the Middle East hawk some milkshakes. A faction of Sunni Muslim MPs had taken their issues with Kardashian's visit up with Parliament before her arrival ("she's an actress with an extremely bad reputation"),… » 12/03/12 9:00am 12/03/12 9:00am

Shania Twain Wants To Auction Off Shoes That Caused CMT Fall

As she paraded onto the Country Music Video Awards stage last night, Shania's balance failed her and she tumbled onto the ground. Immediately after the show ended, she filmed a quick video response to the fall and sent it of into the internet abyss. » 6/09/11 3:50pm 6/09/11 3:50pm

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Spend New Year's Eve Together

Lindsay Lohan's Post-Rehab Comeback Plan Involves Butterflies

Paula Abdul Has Never Been Drunk In Her Life

The singer/choreographer/former American Idol Judge/cartoon beastiality enthusiast has never been drunk in her life, not a once. No siree. » 1/02/11 10:31am 1/02/11 10:31am

This Week In Tabloids: Heidi Montag Shows Us Her Scars

Welcome back To Midweek Madness, in which Heidi Montag calls herself Frankenstein, Britney digs sexual enhancement herbs, Jack Nicholson eats a sandwich and Brad Pitt is forced to wear leather pants. Come on in! » 12/22/10 2:25pm 12/22/10 2:25pm

Lindsay Under Investigation For Assault Of Rehab Staffer

Lindsay Throws Boozy Party In Rehab

Angelina: Shiloh Begged To Have Her Hair Cut

Gaga "Defends" Adam Lambert; Artie Lange Hospitalized

Chris Brown Does Remember Assaulting Rihanna, He Just Won't Talk About…

Travis Barker, Blink-182 Pay Tribute To DJ AM

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