Ryan Adams Compares Taylor Swift To Shakespeare

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Ryan Adams, pop musician and Taylor Swift cover artist, compared the blonde-mopped scribe of hits such as “Bad Blood” and “Our Song” to Shakespeare himself. This is sweet of him, and his comparison feels hyperbolic yet utterly genuine; he goes on to emphasize how much her music… »10/25/15 10:30pm10/25/15 10:30pm

Drake's Penis Is 'Weird, Thin, and Pointy,' Says Future Shakespeare

Today is the day that I read several conflicting accounts about the shape of Drake's celebrity penis and what he likes people to do or not do with his butthole while he touches said controversially shaped penis. Today is also the day that I realized that every other non-today day of my life has been wasted. »7/14/14 8:00pm7/14/14 8:00pm

Shakespeare Was Kind of a Greedy Asshole, Argue Judgey Academics

A brand new study of William Shakespeare, the historical person, has revealed once and for all that Roland Emmerich's poors-can't-write movie Anonymous is of absolutely no consequence. Not only was ol' Billy Shakespeare a prolific playwright, poet, and all-around ink-dripping rapscallion, he was also a successful… »3/31/13 2:30pm3/31/13 2:30pm

Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing Looks Totally Awesome

If you ever doubted the talent and drive of Joss Whedon, keep in mind that his upcoming film adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing — which is already getting praised by critics all over the place — is just something he threw together for fun on his short bit of downtime after he wrapped on The Avengers.… »3/07/13 5:50pm3/07/13 5:50pm

Lady Director Says Royal Shakespeare Company Should Cast Equal Numbers of Men and Women

Should the Royal Shakespeare Company be forced to employ equal numbers of male and female actors? Director Phyllida Lloyd (her most recent work is the Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady) says yes. But what about the fact that Shakespeare wrote way fewer parts for women than for men? That shouldn't matter, according to The… »12/06/12 10:30pm12/06/12 10:30pm