Cosmo's August 'Conversation Starter' Might Start Some Pretty Strange Conversations!

The new issue of Cosmo is here! And before we delved into what promises to be a riveting interview with Scarlett Johansson, we sated our thirst for "Conversation Starters," the monthly feature in which Cosmo editors offer up little tidbits of trivia that promise to "make you the most interesting person in the room -… »7/02/08 5:00pm7/02/08 5:00pm

That Dear Abby "My Brother Raped My Wife" Thing Actually Happened (And It Was Legal!?)

Here's a familiar familial tale! Remember the one about the woman who's fast asleep in her room when suddenly a man she thinks is her husband comes in and they have sex only to at some later point realize that it was actually her husband's perverted brother? Yes, Dear Abby got a query about this a few weeks back, and… »5/05/08 5:00pm5/05/08 5:00pm

Academic "Explains" Why College Men Hear "Yes" When Women Mean "No"

The most commonly used statistics about sexual assault and American college women show that 25% of female college students will be sexually assaulted; U.C. Davis professor of communication Michael Motley believes that at least some unwanted sexual contact is due to misunderstanding on the part of men — which he calls… »4/24/08 9:30am4/24/08 9:30am

Conservative Critic: College Rape Statistics Are Overinflated

Heather MacDonald, a fellow at the conservative think tank the Manhattan Institute, had an essay in yesterday's Los Angeles Times railing against the "phony" rape epidemic on America's college campuses. MacDonald claims that the statistic used by many university rape crisis centers — 20-25% of college women will be… »2/25/08 1:00pm2/25/08 1:00pm

In British Date Rape "Adverts", Rapist & Victim Look The Same

The greater The Manchester, England police department launched two date rape awareness ads yesterday, hoping to show that "sexual assaults often take place between newly-made acquaintances or with people who know each other and often when they've had a drink." While the intent is admirable, the actual commercials… »11/27/07 4:00pm11/27/07 4:00pm

Big Brother Contestant On Fingering That Passed Out Housemate: "Well, This Is Africa"

The Big Brother Africa house played host to a castmate-on-castmate rape, and they're airing it on TV. This is, to say the least, a controversy. It starts with the fact that the assailant, a 24-year-old married Tanzanian film student named Richard Bezuidenhout, did not use his penis but his finger to penetrate his… »11/01/07 6:30pm11/01/07 6:30pm

We weren't the only ones who attended Cosmo's gray rape panel yesterday.

We weren't the only ones who attended Cosmo's gray rape panel yesterday. Sewell Chan, the thorough and prolific NY Times boy wonder, included an awesome quote from anti-violence activist Joe Samalin: "There were a lot of things in the [gray rape] article that concerned and frustrated me," [Samalin] said. He said that… »10/16/07 1:45pm10/16/07 1:45pm

Cosmopolitan's Date Rape Panel: There Are No Shades Of "Gray" When Vomit Is Involved

Remember last month when Moe wrote about gray rape after casual sex avenger and Washington Post scribe Laura Sessions Stepp published that inflammatory article about it in Cosmopolitan? Well, this morning at John Jay College, Cosmo invited Ms. Sessions Stepp, along with legal experts, psychology professors and… »10/15/07 5:00pm10/15/07 5:00pm

Can Rapists Get You Off? Our Questions About How Serial Rapist Jeffrey Marsalis Got Away With It, Answered

Prolific rapist Jeffrey Marsalis was sentenced last Friday on the offenses the Philadelphia jury charged him with since they lacked the balls or sanity or whatever to stick him him with rape. And though most rapists who get away with it aren't suspected of raping over a hundred girls, going easy on sex… »10/15/07 2:30pm10/15/07 2:30pm

'Cosmo' Tells Me I Was 'Gray Raped'; Feministing Says It Was Rape. Are We Really Arguing About This?

Language is a powerful thing. Like: when the Zionists first began settling in the holy city I just visited they named their newspaper the "Palestine Post", after the same group of people who would eventually gain fame for producing the deluded group of destructive (and yes, murderous) radicals Fox News would… »8/28/07 4:00pm8/28/07 4:00pm

'Cosmo' Wonders: Is It Rape If You Had Too Many Jaeger Shots To Remember It Anyway?

True story that I wrote in three minutes because that's exactly how much time I felt like dwelling on it: this one time about nine years ago I got locked out of my house and went home with some vaguely smarmy hair-product using type from my ex-boyfriend's frat. I had slept with maybe two or three guys prior to that —… »8/27/07 3:00pm8/27/07 3:00pm