Shade Court: Ex-Girlfriends, Petty Pols, and the President

Welcome back to Shade Court. I do this work because I want to make the world better and a small part of me feels like I already have. It's encouraging to see so many Shade Court readers out in the wild correcting egregious uses of shade. You're all learning, and I so appreciate seeing it. Now, if only everyone else… » 1/23/15 4:10pm Friday 4:10pm

Shade Court: Lupita, a Confused People Magazine, and Grumpy Huckabee

This was a truly exceptional week in erroneous shade usage. My list of cases was long, but as Chief Justice of Shade, it was my duty to select only the most egregious cases. The docket was so full that I couldn't even cloud Andy Cohen's sad-sack usage of shade. He, of all people, truly should know better. » 1/16/15 3:45pm 1/16/15 3:45pm

Shade Court: Grandmas, Martha Stewart and ESPN Should Stick to Sports

We're only two days into 2015 but I'm already feeling optimistic. Might this be the year that we finally eradicate erroneous uses of the word "shade"? Might people who have never even see in Paris Is Burning stop trying to use a word they're only mildly-familar with so they can seem cool? I can only continue to do my… » 1/02/15 4:50pm 1/02/15 4:50pm

Shade Court: Reviewing the Year In Shade 

The goal of Shade Court has always been to right the incessant wrongs that are committed in the name of shade. However, this week, with 2014 quickly coming to an end, it seemed like an excellent time to take a look back at some of the actual and truly exceptional instances of shade that have occurred over the past… » 12/26/14 5:10pm 12/26/14 5:10pm

Shade Court: Nicki Minaj Shades Dudes and Many Continue to Not Get It

When I began Shade Court, I did so because I wanted to provide a public service and to preserve the good name of shade. There was a brief moment when I worried that perhaps I would do my job too well and shade would cease to be inappropriately invoked by the masses. Fortunately—or unfortunately depending on how you… » 12/19/14 5:10pm 12/19/14 5:10pm

A Gift Guide for People Who Wish to Shower Their Loved Ones With Shade

The holidays can be tricky. You're more or less obligated to give gifts to people who consider themselves your loved ones, but what if you don't really like them all that much? Or if they've been super annoying lately? Good thing there's a way for you to fulfill your gift-giving duties while shading all the obnoxious… » 12/11/14 5:10pm 12/11/14 5:10pm

Shade Court: The CIA, Sassy Octogenarians and Delusions of Shade  

Welcome to Shade Court. Let's resume following a brief hiatus due to the fourth Thursday of November. This week we bear witness to two of the stupidest shade crimes I've ever witnessed, the CIA showing a little sense of humor and the undeniable fact that there ain't no shade like old people shade. » 12/05/14 3:50pm 12/05/14 3:50pm

Aretha Franklin Has No Time For This Interview Nonsense

Nothing will make your day like this supercut of Aretha Franklin doing local news to promote her new album. Just look at that screencap above! Even if you aren't a fan of her music, her sass, shade and general "what is this mess?" attitude will make you wish you were also a legend and could do the same. (But you'll… » 10/22/14 7:45pm 10/22/14 7:45pm