This Hijab Is the Purest Shade You'll Ever See on Fox News

“We have freedom of speech, we have freedom of religion,” says Megyn Kelly, in this segment about the coalition-building impulses of an overripe pumpkin from Halloween 2007. “And we’re opening up a very dangerous door if we get the government getting to go into a religious institution and decide what amounts to hate… »11/18/15 10:10am11/18/15 10:10am


Shade Court: Groupon Strikes, Cougar Fights, and Showrunner Shade

Hello all you devout seekers of shade-justice, Shade Court is back in session. Your honor had to take a brief recess because dealing with all these affronts to the sanctity of shade is hard on a girl. I would apologize for my absence, but it is my supreme belief that no one should ever apologize for lying on a beach.… »5/08/15 4:10pm5/08/15 4:10pm