Attention, Strumpets: 'Shacking Up' Might Actually Lower Divorce Risk

Conservative grandmothers across this great nation of ours love to warn their female progeny that if they give "the milk" away "for free," then no one will want to "buy the cow." Often concurrent with this adage is the belief that a solid bloc of statistics show that premarital cohabitation — or "shacking up" or… »3/11/14 7:00pm3/11/14 7:00pm


Living in Sin No Longer Destroys Your Marriage Prospects, Kind of

Shacking up before popping the question is no longer a "bad omen," a new government study finds, but it's not exactly a predictor of marital success, either. In the 1960s, the 10 percent of couples who lived together before marriage experienced higher divorce rates. But now, to the dismay of your grandparents and… »3/23/12 1:00pm3/23/12 1:00pm