Facebook May Soon Tell You Which of Your Friends Has an STD

For those who bemoan the intrusiveness of social media into every nook and cranny of our modern lives, take cover: Facebook may one day develop an app that lets you know not just who among your checkered roster of sexual partners may be secreting an STI from boxspring to boxspring, but who in your social circle may be… » 4/01/12 1:00pm 4/01/12 1:00pm

Hot Trends in Online Dating: Syphilis and Chlamydia

Researchers in Canada are flummoxed a puzzling set of statistics — despite the fact that most people had a safe sex message shouted at them from a young age, instances of certain sexually transmitted diseases have increased dramatically in the last decade or so. According to some experts the STDstravaganza can be… » 3/12/12 11:20am 3/12/12 11:20am

IUDs Might Be Even More Awesome Than We Thought

In addition to the other benefits for many women, including very high effectiveness rates, a new analysis suggests that the IUD might protect against cervical cancer. Researchers found looked at studies of a combined 20,000 women and "found that the risk of cervical cancer in women who used IUDs was nearly half that… » 9/13/11 6:20pm 9/13/11 6:20pm