Behind the Cultural Imperative for Women to be Sexy And Cute

Here and there the media becomes interested in the sexualization of little girls and, when they do, I often get a call from a reporter or two. I’ve yet to see any of them pick up on what I think is the really interesting story. They want to talk about child models, little girls in beauty pageants, and the … »8/08/13 4:40pm8/08/13 4:40pm


Seventeen Says Thanks But No Thanks To Teen's Photoshop Petition

Seventeen editor Ann Shoket met yesterday with Julia Bluhm, the 14-year-old reader who started an online petition to ask the magazine to curb its use of Photoshop. Although the magazine accepted the petition and its nearly 25,000 signatures when Bluhm went to deliver it in person yesterday, it appears Seventeen has no… »5/03/12 5:00pm5/03/12 5:00pm

The 10-Year-Old French Model's Mother Responds To The Controversy Over Her Daughter's Pictures

The mother of Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the 10-year-old fashion model whose depiction in fashion spreads has raised concerns about the sexualization of young models, has spoken publicly about the controversy. Veronika Loubry blames a "bad personn in usa [sic]" for drawing attention to her daughter. »8/08/11 2:40pm8/08/11 2:40pm

Are Parents Solely To Blame For The Sexualization Of Girls?

Last month, the Wall Street Journal published an article condemning parents for letting America's little girls dress like harlots. Apparently parents weren't shamed enough, because this week LZ Granderson decided to write a CNN opinion piece that makes the same point. Well, his piece drops the weird argument about… »4/20/11 9:50pm4/20/11 9:50pm

Beyoncé's Mini-Me Ad: Damaging To Girls' Mental Health?

Did you see the new ad for Beyoncé's Deréon Girls Collection? Little girls, for lack of a better phrase, "tarted up" in adult-ish cropped and embellished jean jackets, purses, lip gloss and blush. Oh, yeah, and that one kid is wearing heels. They appear to be adult sized heels that she is just trying on, as kids do,… »5/09/08 12:00pm5/09/08 12:00pm