What Are the Four Non-Myths About the ‘War on Women’?

See how that works? It's rare that we get both a question and an answer in the title of an article, probably because it spoils the suspense. Why would you bother reading on if you already know, in the case of Mary Eberstadt's article in the Saturday Wall Street Journal that no, the sexual revolution in fact hasn't » 3/25/12 2:00pm 3/25/12 2:00pm

Younger Generation Totally Over Sex, Proclaims Someone in Older Generation

Fear of Flying author Erica Jong argues that this generation of young people have grown bored with sex. She knows this because she hangs out with young female writers sometimes, and they're apparently gazing wistfully to the morals of the 1950's, back before Erica Jong and her ilk made pre- and extra-marital sex fun… » 7/10/11 2:00pm 7/10/11 2:00pm

"The Sexual Revolution Was Central To Women's Liberation"

Part 2 of VH1's documentary mini-series Sex: The Revolution aired last night, and a portion of it focused on the sexual revolution's influence on feminism in the 1970s and vice versa. The doc combines archival footage of interviews, TV shows, and protest rallies and new interviews with heavyweights like Gloria… » 5/15/08 7:00pm 5/15/08 7:00pm