Not-So-Secret Rape Apologist Runs for Missoula County Attorney

Kirsten Pabst is running for County Attorney in Missoula, a town in Montana that was lovingly nicknamed "America's rape capital" in 2012, after the U.S. Department of Justice launched an official investigation into how Missoula County's Attorney office, police department and the University of Montana worked together to… » 4/16/14 6:10pm Yesterday 6:10pm

College Rankings Should Reflect How a School Handles Rape

College rankings are very much bullshit, obviously — but by far the most bullshit aspect of them is the fact that at least half of our nation's Top 10 Schools have a history of utter ineptitude at handling sexual assault. It doesn't matter how high an institution's median SAT score is: if students are getting away with … » 4/14/14 2:40pm Monday 2:40pm

Colin Kaepernick, Ricardo Lockette Investigated for Sexual Incident

Football players Colin Kaepernick and Ricardo Lockette are being investigated for a strange and possibly sexual incident in Miami. The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks players are training in Florida during the NFL’s off-season and a woman claims that she was hanging out with the two one minute and woke up in… » 4/10/14 6:00pm 4/10/14 6:00pm

NPR: If he's sexually aggressive in bars, it's not because he's drunk

NPR/University researchers/Science slam-dunks on dudes who use alcohol as an excuse for predatory behavior. Turns out there's evidence that there is no relationship between a man's levels of intoxication and aggressive behavior. They also noted that this behavior is deliberate, physical in nature, and predatory towards … » 4/05/14 3:16pm 4/05/14 3:16pm

Colleges Would Rather Save Their Own Asses Than Stop Rape

If the recent spate of federal suits filed against college administrations for mishandling sexual assault reports has taught us anything, it's that many institutions of higher learning are woefully under-equipped and inept when it comes instituting, and then effectively wielding, an effective sexual assault and… » 4/01/14 3:10pm 4/01/14 3:10pm

This Sexual Assault Survivor's Letter to Harvard Is a Punch in the Gut

An anonymous Harvard student writes about her sexual assault and the complete lack of help that the Harvard administration gave her. Entitled, "Dear Harvard: You Win," the open letter heartbreakingly portrays the indifferent and perfunctory way with which America's Best University dealt with her assault. » 3/31/14 5:30pm 3/31/14 5:30pm

Break-Ins and Tech Hacks Mar Occidental Sexual Assault Investigation

There's something weird happening at Occidental College. In the midst of the investigation into the school's potential mishandling of sexual assault cases, students and faculty members say that strange things have been happening to them, including office break-ins and alleged phone and computer hacks. » 3/27/14 2:05pm 3/27/14 2:05pm

Model Responds to Terry Richardson's Open Letter: 'Unjustifiable Shit'

Four years ago, former model Jamie Peck wrote a firsthand account of her horrifying experience modeling for Terry Richardson (you may remember reading it; it's the one in which "Uncle Terry" asks to make tea out of the model's tampon before pressuring her into giving him a hand job). Following the Huffington Post's… » 3/25/14 6:30pm 3/25/14 6:30pm

My Safety As A Trans Person Requires Individual Unisex Bathrooms

Let's talk about bathrooms. Let's talk about the transgender experience with bathrooms. Let's talk about my experiences with bathrooms. Let's talk about how what I need, and what I feel other trans people need, is often actually ignored in the sensational debate over all-gender bathrooms/mixed gender bathrooms, or… » 3/17/14 10:58pm 3/17/14 10:58pm

Anonymous Model Who Accused Terry Richardson of Assault Comes Forward

The model who took to Reddit in order to anonymously share her horrific experience working with Terry Richardson has come forward: her name is Charlotte Waters, she was a 19-year-old art student at the time, and she's sharing her story because she just wants Richardson's clients and supporters to know what a… » 3/13/14 12:10pm 3/13/14 12:10pm

Another Model Comes Forward With Horrible Terry Richardson Allegations

Known sexual predator Terry Richardson has had a busy month (all his months are busy because, despite the accounts of multiple women who allege they've been sexually assaulted and harassed by him, he is beloved by the fashion world). » 3/10/14 2:20pm 3/10/14 2:20pm

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way: The Infuriating Reality of Womanhood

I love women. And as I get older, my life is becoming increasingly about them. I dance with women, I speak with women, I am coached, sponsored by, and counseled by women. I meet them for coffee. I talk to them about sex. I ask them for advice. I hold them while they cry. I love the deep feelings. And the competition.… » 3/08/14 4:40pm 3/08/14 4:40pm