Prison Guard Allegedly Raped Female Inmate For 15 Minutes, Wanted To Give His Partner a 'Show'

On March 20th, a female inmate was being transported from Brooklyn to Rikers Island when she claims she was brutally sexually assaulted by one of the correctional officers on the bus. The attack, which lasted more than 15 minutes, was witnessed by another guard who did nothing to protect the victim but stayed to watch.
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Woman Who Used False Male Identity to Trick Friend Into Sex Sentenced to 8 Years

Gayle Newland, a 25-year-old UK woman, was recently found guilty of three counts of sexual assault for impersonating a man in order to have sex with her female friend. Judge Roger Dutton, calling Newland “an intelligent, obsessional, highly manipulative, deceitful, scheming and thoroughly determined young woman,” has… »11/12/15 2:17pm11/12/15 2:17pm

Report: Hundreds of Police Officers Have Been Fired Over Sex Crimes 

The Associated Press has a long and rigorous report outlining the number of police officers who have lost their badges over sex crimes in a six-year period. According to the AP, their investigation found nearly 1,000 officers nationwide who had been fired for rape, sexual assault and other sex crimes including… »11/01/15 12:45pm11/01/15 12:45pm

Owen Labrie Sentenced to One Year in Jail for Luring, Sexual Assault of a Minor

Owen Labrie, 20, has been sentenced to one year in jail for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old classmate at the elite St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire. In a statement delivered by video in court Thursday, the victim said she still suffers from flashbacks and said the St. Paul’s community showed her a stunning lack of… »10/29/15 4:45pm10/29/15 4:45pm

Bill Cosby Still Retains Over 40 Honorary Degrees

Recently a bevy of universities have announced their decisions to revoke the honorary degrees they once bestowed on Bill Cosby. Fordham, Spelman, and Brown are just three of the institutions that have ended their association with the comedian, implying their condemnation of rape and sexual assault. But Cosby still… »10/27/15 3:35pm10/27/15 3:35pm

Cosby Accused of Two More Sexual Assaults, at Private Audition and Track Meet

Two more women added their stories to the more than 50 separate accusations of sexual assault against legendary comedian Bill Cosby at a press conference today with attorney Gloria Allred. One woman claimed Cosby drugged and raped her at a private audition for The Cosby Show, and the other accused him of forcibly… »10/24/15 4:00pm10/24/15 4:00pm

Woman Fights Off Rape, Murder By Biting Off Her Attacker's Tongue and Fleeing

A South Carolina woman is making headlines after she bravely fought off an attacker that invaded her home and attempted to rape her. The attacker, 16-year-old Antoine Miller, sexually assaulted the 33-year-old woman and threatened to murder her when she didn’t yield to his advances. When he tried to shove his tongue… »10/23/15 6:20pm10/23/15 6:20pm