'Can't Wait to Caress Your Clot': More of the Grimmest Sexts Ever Sent

Life is full of regrets. And for so many of us, those regrets live inside our phones, in the form of awful, terrible, no good sext attempts we can never, ever take back. In this world, each of us is doomed at some point to be the Jonathan Franzen of our own private erotic novel, churning out the most genital-withering… »5/18/15 4:40pm5/18/15 4:40pm


You Can Now Have Your Sexts Made Into Contemporary Art

In case you needed any more proof that our sexts will be the only significant cultural artifacts that anthropologists of the future salvage from the wreckage-strewn wastelands that were once our magnificent cities, behold: a three-day installation at the New Museum by famed performance artist Karen Finley will turn… »5/03/13 12:20pm5/03/13 12:20pm