Does Cutting Your Hair Mean You Don't Want Sex?

It's always amazing the questions people are willing to ask in public advice forums. In today's Guardian, a man writes in to the advice columnist to ask whether his wife's new short haircut indicates a subconscious distaste for sex — and, yes, their sex life is bad. Therapist Pamela Stephenson Connolly's advice is… » 12/04/08 2:00pm 12/04/08 2:00pm

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5 Mistakes That "Sexperts" Make When Giving Advice

We know that the only expectation we can count on Fox News to meet is one of disappointment — if not utter, hair-pulling frustration — but its reliable inanity doesn't mean that its immune to critique, particularly when doling out "fair and balanced" sex advice. Today, "sexpert" (if words could be killed off, that… » 5/13/08 5:00pm 5/13/08 5:00pm