Ivanka Trump, For One, Is Convinced Her Dad Is ‘Not a Groper'

You know what’s bad? When you are so numb to the fact that a pair of chapped lips superglued to a hairball is running for president that you don’t even find it all that weird, at first, that his daughter Ivanka is going around clarifying that said hairball does not “grope” people. But it is weird! America, let us…

Trump Organization Won't Sue Over Times Story About His Gross Behavior With Women After All 

Donald Trump, a horsehair mattress stuffed with molding copies of Hustler, is deeply upset by a New York Times story suggesting he can be sexist and somewhat creepy in his private dealings with women. After petulantly tweeting about the story for a while, then calling CNN to yell about it, he moved on to the part…

Report: Ole Miss Sororities Banned From Speaking About Sexist Derby Days Video, 1 Sister Kicked Out

According to a report from the University of Mississippi’s NewsWatch, many campus sororities responded to the backlash against Sigma Chi’s sexist Derby Days competition by instructing their members not to share the initial Facebook post about it, or publicly comment on the incident on social media or to the press.