Apple Will Engrave 'Penis' on Your iPad but Not 'Vagina' or 'Clit'

Today in absolutely fucking absurd and transparent gender bias rooted in the widespread male terror of women's mysterious, swampy genitals, Apple apparently refuses to engrave "vagina" or "clit" on anyone's iPad! You can, however, get "penis" or "dick" permanently etched into your electronics with no trouble… » 7/09/14 7:00pm Wednesday 7:00pm

Writer Doesn't Understand Why Show About Women's Prison Has So Few Men

Orange Is the New Black, the prison dramedy based on the memoir of Piper Kerman, is a very good show. When you consider its focus on women —particularly those who are trans or non-white or have been made voiceless by the punitive system — you might even call it groundbreaking. But in spite of all that, one male fan… » 6/30/14 6:15pm 6/30/14 6:15pm

Female celebrities' images are easy to tarnish

Recently, Lana Del Rey stuck her foot in her mouth and she knew it. She admitted to dreaming of an early death, not a surprising musing of a woman whose music centers around all sorts of dark tropes of early loss and passionate love with difficult men. But the press wasn't so enamored of this interview and she was… » 6/22/14 4:51pm 6/22/14 4:51pm

That Time a Bunch of Republicans Rated Hillary Clinton's Hotness

Oh, the shit that passed for humor in the 90s! As old scans of a 1995 issue of Spy magazine remind us, this includes taking on the name of the gay character from Melrose Place (comedy gold!) and tricking Republican congressmen into assessing the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's hotness in detail. » 6/21/14 4:30pm 6/21/14 4:30pm

Two More Women Found Hanging in India's Most Populous State

Two women, a 19-year-old and a 42-year-old, have been found hanging from trees in Uttar Pradesh in the past two days, bringing the number of women hanged in India's most populous state up to four in the last month. In May, two teenage girls were found gang raped and hanged in Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh,… » 6/12/14 7:20pm 6/12/14 7:20pm

Making Female Characters Is Too Hard, Says Assassin's Creed Director

Finally, some answers from the gaming industry! After years of clamoring from female video game fans who just want their existence acknowledged by the billion-dollar industry they dump all of their money into, one game director is speaking out. It's not that video game designers are sexist—it's not that they don't want » 6/11/14 6:00pm 6/11/14 6:00pm

Study Shows Hurricanes With Female Names Don't Get Taken Seriously

A new study making the rounds today claims that hurricanes with female names kill more people than storms with male names because people are less inclined to believe that something with a feminine name can kill them and therefore less likely to take seriously the storm's threat. While "Proven By Science: Sexism Can … » 6/02/14 5:40pm 6/02/14 5:40pm

GOP Candidate Speaks Against Sexism in Room Covered in Sexist Graffiti

Fed up with sexist online abuse, conservative South Dakota Senate candidate Annette Bosworth gave a press conference in a room covered in sexist graffiti to make a point about how sexism is awful. On one hand, good. We can all fight sexism together no matter who we vote for straight ticket in the polls. On the other… » 5/27/14 5:40pm 5/27/14 5:40pm

Lady Pundits Refuse To Appear On TV Because Their Hair Is Too Dirty

Call off the protests, stop writing those think pieces, and empty out your bookmark folder of exasperated reaction gifs—we got gender gap in media all wrong. Apparently, the real reason that there's a huge lack in female talking heads on political talk shows is not because of gender bias. It's because women don't… » 5/27/14 2:00pm 5/27/14 2:00pm

​Stockton Man Reportedly Opens Fire on Women After They Refuse Sex

At 1:45 am Saturday morning, merely hours after Elliot Rodgers embarked on a misogyny-driven shooting spree, a man in Stockton, California, fired eight rounds at three women leaving his residence after they refused to have sex with him and his friends. Luckily in this scenario, no one was injured—at the same time,… » 5/26/14 4:37pm 5/26/14 4:37pm

Being an NFL Cheerleader Really Sucks

By now, it's been established several times over that NFL cheerleaders are treated terribly: on Monday, a former cheerleader from the Tampa Buccaneers filed a sued the team, claiming that she was paid less than two dollars an hour. This makes the Buccaneers the fifth NFL team to face a similar suit this year. Hooray… » 5/23/14 2:50pm 5/23/14 2:50pm

The New York Post Calls NYC First Lady a 'Bad Mom'

Were you planning on reading New York Magazine's seven-page profile on Chirlane McCray? Don't waste your time, when you can read the New York Post's totally not cherry-picked attempts to paint Bill DeBlasio's wife as a mother in the Betty Draper mold, starting off with a brilliant headline: "NYC's first lady: I was a… » 5/19/14 3:30pm 5/19/14 3:30pm