Björk Collaborator Has to Release Statement She Controls Her Own Music Because 'Guys' Are Stupid

For about two years, Björk has been working with Tri Angle Records, a London- and New York-based record label that releases the vanguard of contemporary electronic music. In particular, she enlisted the Haxan Cloak, a producer on the label, to work on Vulnicura, and asked the label’s founder, Robin Carolan, to help…


Bill Clinton Criticizes Berniebros As Woman Who Accused Him of Assault Says She'll Rally Against Hillary

None other than Bill Clinton is criticizing the Berniebro phenomenon, saying at an event in New Hampshire this weekend that Sanders supporters subject his wife’s supporters online to sexist and “profane” attacks. Meanwhile, Kathleen Willey, a woman who in 1998 accused Bill Clinton of groping her, has reportedly signed…

Sexist DJ in Dumb Sunglasses Shows Why It's Tough For Women DJs to Thrive

Some bro named DJ Justin James has come under fire for posting an extremely sexist call for women DJs, specifying not their style of music nor even what equipment they use, but their height, weight, and photograph. To add insult to injury, he posted his request in a Facebook group called “Support FEMALE DJs.”