Riddle Me This: What Does a Sexy Video Look Like That Isn't Sexist?

I've been watching music videos practically since their birth, or at least their MTV incarnation. They are one of the more absurd art forms around, a roughly three-minute "film" about something that may or may not have anything at all to do with the song, a medium that was once a crucial driver in album/singles sales,… »12/09/13 3:15pm12/09/13 3:15pm


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Is The Least Sexy Thing On Earth

You think you know what sexy is? You have no idea »11/17/08 2:30pm11/17/08 2:30pm what sexy is. Victoria's Secret will tell you what sexy is! And apparently sexy is...skanky lumberjacks. And skanky gladiators. And skanky Scarlett O'Haras. And skanky...bows. Oh yes, the images from Saturday evening's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Miami Beach's…