Crave Vesper: A Stealth Vibrator That's Also a Necklace

Let's face it. There are two reasons you'd want to use a vibrator: because you are a gadget-lover who can't imagine anything, including sex, without a little technology involved; or because you just want to have an orgasm, and fast. But with the Crave Vesper, there is a third possibility. » 2/09/15 3:18pm 2/09/15 3:18pm

Man Sets House on Fire While Trying to Boil His Dildos Clean

Here's a cautionary tale for your Tuesday: Be very careful when cleaning your marital aids, you may just set your entire house (and the internet) on fire and then everyone will remember you as "the dude who burned down a house cleaning objects he pushed up his butt." And that kind of title is going to stick with you.… » 1/06/15 4:45pm 1/06/15 4:45pm

Florida Woman Jailed After Fight Over Vibrator with Twin Sister

Hey, good news, everyone! Florida Woman is back in the news (it's been ages; can't wait to catch up, let's do lunch). This time, it's for getting into a vicious fight with her own twin sister over a vibrator. » 12/10/14 11:15pm 12/10/14 11:15pm

You Need to Check Out This Amazing Webcomic for Sex Toy Reviews

Last year, artist and cartoonist Erika Moen launched Oh Joy, Sex Toy, a site dedicated to providing reviews of sex toys in the form of funny, delightful, and beautifully drawn comics. But in the last year-and-a-half, her site has grown to be much more than sex toy reviews. » 12/10/14 6:30pm 12/10/14 6:30pm

​Kansas Is Going To Pay Off $200 Million Deficit One Dildo at a Time

The great state of Kansas is $200 million in the hole, but not to worry. A creative maneuver aims to fill that hole and a few more by auctioning off some sex toys from a seized business. » 9/28/14 4:09pm 9/28/14 4:09pm

Screw Waldo: Let's Play Find the Dildo

What's better than looking for some loser dressed in last season's striped leftovers in the middle of a badly drawn picture of ancient peoples? Anything, basically. But even better than that is trying to find the hidden dildos in these photos! » 9/17/14 5:40pm 9/17/14 5:40pm

This Secret Vibrator Doubles as a Fashionable Necklace

If you have ever admired a nice piece of jewelry and thought "if only I could masturbate with this," there's good news. A company has finally designed a vibrator that also works as a nice piece of bling. » 8/01/14 1:20pm 8/01/14 1:20pm

Company Posts Ad Looking for Male Sex Toy Tester

Has the job market situation got you down lately? Are you feeling unstimulated in your current position? Looking for a new job with better benefits and perks? Then I have something just for you. » 7/29/14 9:30pm 7/29/14 9:30pm

Beware: Sex Toy Piracy Is Menacing Your Genitals

Bad news, everyone: not all sex piracy is the good kind. While some it involves a ragtag band of sailors enjoying one another carnally, unfortunately, a far more common practice is pirating counterfeited sex toys. This is decidedly Not Good because, if there is one place an unregulated knock-off doesn't belong, it's… » 7/17/14 6:00pm 7/17/14 6:00pm

Burn Everything: Amazon Is Selling Sex Toys For Dogs

The first thing we need to get out of the way is that these toys are probably for human use. Now we can freak out about this giant tongue thing like the fucking Victorians that we are! » 7/15/14 8:30pm 7/15/14 8:30pm

New Vibrator Can Record Your Vagina Because Why Not?

In case you never really looked down there, there’s a new vibrator with a built-in camera so you can pleasure yourself while exploring your vag. Multitasking, FTW. » 7/08/14 6:20pm 7/08/14 6:20pm

Vibrator App Reviews Are a Desolate Swampland of Youthful Regret

Bringing oneself to orgasm with a series of rhythmic vibrations: there's an app for that. It's called "iVibe Massager Lite," and its user reviews are inordinately high — because most of them are bribes from remorseful youths who do not want "The First! The Best! The Original Vibrating iPhone App!" to remain on their… » 7/02/14 4:45pm 7/02/14 4:45pm

Here's the Giant Dragon Dildo You've Been Writing Erotic Fan-Fic About

Human sexuality is a wonderful and many-faceted thing. As I learned in the pornography class I took my sophomore year in college (the year that every college student changes their major to sexuality studies and dreams of writing a sex column for the school newspaper), people get off on a variety of things, including… » 7/01/14 5:30pm 7/01/14 5:30pm

FYI: You Can Fuck Your iPad Now

Technology has just reached new heights: Fleshlight now makes an iPad case which allows penis-havers to fuck their iPads. It's called the LaunchPAD. We are now one step closer to creating sexbots, which means we're one step closer to seeing civilization implode in a blaze of sexbot-fucking glory. » 6/27/14 7:45pm 6/27/14 7:45pm

This Teddy Bear Is Also a Giant Vibrating Sex Toy

Getting a little bored with the selections at your local marital aid superstore? Perhaps you'd be interested in a company currently seeking crowdfunding in order to build a teddy bear that's also a sex toy. His name is Teddy Love. » 6/19/14 1:20pm 6/19/14 1:20pm

How Do I Clean My Hitachi Magic Wand?

Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert and advice columnist. She'll be here every other week helping to answer your filthiest questions. Are you dirty? Check The Squalor Archive for assistance. Are you still dirty? Email her. » 4/10/14 6:30pm 4/10/14 6:30pm

Would You Use a Wooden Dildo?

This is a legitimate question (not asking for a friend!) because if experimenting with wood (ha!) is something you've been interested it, there's a new company that's making wooden sex toys that are both attractive and (potentially) safe to use. (Although I don't know if the "going back to basics" movement should… » 2/22/14 4:22pm 2/22/14 4:22pm

Go Deep Inside a San Francisco Vibrator Factory

For all the mystique surrounding the female orgasm, vibrators are a surefire way for lots (and lots) of ladies to get off. I recently took a tour of Crave, a sex toy company that prototypes and fabricates its products in San Francisco; here's a peek inside your new favorite mini pleasure machine. » 2/14/14 2:00pm 2/14/14 2:00pm

New Trojan Ads for Condoms and Sex Toys Are Unexpectedly Sweet

A batch of new Trojan ads are playful and unexpectedly emotional — in a a good way. When was the last time you saw a condom ad and though, awww, sweet? » 1/28/14 1:25pm 1/28/14 1:25pm