Columnist Is 'Ashamed' of Senator Uncle's Hideous Anti-Abortion Bill 

Food editor Sarah Murrell has kicked off an entirely well-deserved feud with her uncle, Indiana State Senator Travis Holdman, after he recently filed a bill that would make it a felony offense to abort a fetus due to gender or fetal abnormalities. In an editorial, Murell tells her uncle she's horrified by the bill and… »1/20/15 6:00pm1/20/15 6:00pm


Florida Considers Ridiculous Ban on Race- and Sex-Selective Abortion

A group of almost comically deluded and ineffectual legislators in Florida are bringing up sex- and race-selective abortions in the state. They make the same ol' specious arguments about abortion providers of intentionally targeting black people with such conviction, you have to stop for a minute to fact check their… »4/23/13 11:40am4/23/13 11:40am

We're Obsessed With 'Sex Selection' for the Wrong Reasons

Both conservative politicians and some mainstream publications want us to think sex selective births — whether via abortion or pre-birth embryo testing — are on the rise and deserve our urgent attention. But while sex selection is unarguably a crucial problem in some countries that favor men over women, focusing on… »8/29/12 4:40pm8/29/12 4:40pm

Terribly Dumb Sting Operation Claims It Captures Planned Parenthood Endorsing Sex-Selective Abortion

A newly-released undercover sting video by the Top Secret Junior Adventurer Club known as Live Action shows a Planned Parenthood counselor in Texas instructing an actor pretending to be a pregnant woman woman on how to obtain an abortion if she finds out that her fetus is female. The anti-abortion rights group, known… »5/29/12 12:00pm5/29/12 12:00pm

The Idiotic New Sting Operation Against Planned Parenthood

Over the last few weeks, Planned Parenthood locations across the country have been visited by becostumed actors pretending to be women desperate to know whether or not their baby is a girl so that they can abort it. The similarity of the incidents combined with the strange series of questions asked by the visitors… »4/23/12 4:40pm4/23/12 4:40pm

A Terrible Name For The Ban On Sex And Race Selective Abortions

Last week, a pro-life congressman introduced legislation designed to combat race and sex selective abortions in the US. Two problems: sex and race-selective abortion is a problem rampant only in its rampant nonexistence. Second, the proposed legislation has the most snicker worthy name an anti abortion law could have,… »12/05/11 1:30pm12/05/11 1:30pm

The More Sex-Selective Abortions In India, The More Husbands A Lady Gets?

According to the latest census figures, for every 1,000 boys under the age of 6 in India, there are only 941 girls. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon from Einstein Oppenheimer University to figure out that when these children are adults, there's about to be a pretty dramatic wife shortage. So what's going to happen to… »10/27/11 6:40pm10/27/11 6:40pm

New Test Detects Baby's Sex At 7 Weeks, Reignites Sex-Selective Abortion Concerns

New research found that blood tests are able to accurately determine the sex of a fetus earlier than ever before. The tests are already used overseas and Americans have been wringing their hands about the implications — specifically, sex-selective abortion — for years. The finding suggests that we'll be hearing even… »8/10/11 11:10am8/10/11 11:10am