The Duggar Sex Scandal Just Keeps Getting Sadder

The barrage of indictments against Josh Duggar—and, by extension, the rest of the Duggar clan—has been unrelenting. After news of Josh’s numerous online dating accounts surfaced (including a membership with Ashley Madison) and a porn actress came forward to allege that she had sex with the disgraced reality star, his… » 8/27/15 2:10pm Thursday 2:10pm

Funny or Die Is Casting a Paula Broadwell Look-A-Like for a Mock Sex Tape

Are you a non-unionized, female, Caucasian, ethnically ambiguous, 30-45-year-old actor looking to break through with a timely role in a mock sex tape? If you are, then Funny or Die wants you to audition for a role in what will surely be a hilarious General Petraeus sex tape, which you'd star in alongside a… » 11/23/12 12:45pm 11/23/12 12:45pm

Paula Broadwell Hunkers Down with Husband at Her Brother’s Home for a Super Awkward Family Holiday

In what is very likely the opening scene of an upcoming holiday dramedy about a married couple who decides to weather an adultery storm by visiting family for Thanksgiving, Paula Broadwell and her husband were spotted arriving arm in arm at Broadwell's brother's home in Washington D.C. It appeared, according to CBS … » 11/18/12 12:30pm 11/18/12 12:30pm

'Black Women Who Look Like Me Aren't Lesbians' Politician Now Has a Google Problem

Last Friday, Florida's scandal-embroiled Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll was confronted about allegations that she fired an employee after the aide caught her just about to get some hot, hot lesbian love from another female employee. And rather than gracefully deny the charges, Carroll instead opted to go the… » 7/18/12 2:40pm 7/18/12 2:40pm

Florida Lieutenant Governor Says She Couldn't Possibly Be a Lesbian Because She Doesn't Look Like One

Here's a fun, Everybody Is The Terrible One Here story from Florida, the humid home of Epcot murders, nutria barbecues, and bronzed retirees who permanently smell like the insides of tanning beds. The state's Republican Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll accused an ex-aide of illegally leaking information to the… » 7/16/12 5:00pm 7/16/12 5:00pm

The Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Is Looking Pretty Bad

The widening Secret Service prostitution scandal, which former Washington Post reporter and author of a whole fancy Secret Service book Ronald Kessler called yesterday "the biggest scandal in Secret Service history," is quickly becoming a lesson in how not kick off a weekend of international diplomacy. It's also… » 4/15/12 11:30am 4/15/12 11:30am

Awful Person Now in Possession of Disgusting John Edwards Sex Tape

After years of legal grappling, the X-rated extramarital sex tape involving ex-respectable politician John Edwards, his pantsless mistress Rielle Hunter, and the murder of everything you find beautiful and precious in the world is now safely in the hands of a woman who surely would never to think to profit from it.… » 2/23/12 7:10pm 2/23/12 7:10pm

Minnesota Gays Formally Apologize For Ruining Cheating Conservative's Marriage

Scandal-ridden anti-gay Minnesota politician Amy Koch has had a rough few days. First, news of her extramarital affair with her married staffer broke. Then, she was forced to resign from her position as state Senate Majority Leader. Now, it seems that the gays of the land of 10,000 lakes have seen the error of their… » 12/22/11 6:00pm 12/22/11 6:00pm

Herman Cain's Accuser Must Be Lying; She Complained About Another Thing At Another Job

Yesterday, the identity of one of two women who filed harassment complaints about Herman Cain in the 1990s was revealed. Today, it turns out that the woman, current Treasury employee Karen Kraushaar, followed up her infamous departure from Cain and the National Restaurant Association by filing a formal grievance about… » 11/09/11 1:10pm 11/09/11 1:10pm

Cain's Accuser Won't Come Forward, Uninterested In Becoming Another Anita Hill

The woman who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment while he was President of the National Restaurant Association (the more delicious NRA) has said, through her attorney, that she doesn't want to publicly reveal her identity or discuss details of the alleged inappropriate actions because she doesn't want to be… » 11/03/11 2:40pm 11/03/11 2:40pm

Herman Cain's Accuser Deserves A Chance To Talk

Herman Cain is hazy on the details of the sexual harassment claims filed against him in the late '90s, so he'll be excited to learn that one of the women who filed a complaint remembers the incidents well, and she wants to tell her story. Theoretically, the confidential nature of the settlement should prevent all… » 11/02/11 11:20am 11/02/11 11:20am