Rashida Jones Says Porn Is 'Fulfilling a Male Fantasy' 

Rashida Jones doesn't think women are deriving pleasure from amateur porn. "It's performative, women aren't feeling joy from it," Jones said last week on a panel at Sundance while promoting Hot Girls Wanted, a documentary she produced on the amateur porn industry. "This would be a whole different conversation if women… » 1/31/15 4:15pm 1/31/15 4:15pm

Will Dry Humping Solve America's Slut Crisis?

Our country is facing a crisis: every day, scores of young women are acting way sluttier than they should And, quite frankly, all of the sex they're having is icky and unhygienic and unfeminist, and must make them feel bad about themselves. Ergo, it is a feminist act to dry hump, and dry hump only. For as Gloria… » 8/14/11 3:32pm 8/14/11 3:32pm