Do Child Offenders Belong on the Sex Offender Registry for Life?

A current lawsuit against the governor of Colorado alleges that juveniles convicted of sex crimes should not be forced to register as sex offenders for their entire lives. The plaintiffs argue that registering offenders (children and certain adults) for life is "cruel and unusual," and, more broadly, that the sex… »9/10/13 12:40pm9/10/13 12:40pm

Simi Valley Sex Offenders Sue for the Right to Garishly Decorate Their Houses for Halloween

For registered sex offenders in Southern California, Halloween is pretty much the worst holiday on the calendar, since it serves as a potent reminder to their neighbors that they can never, ever, under any circumstances participate in the ritual candy canvassing that makes Halloween simultaneously so magical and so… »10/02/12 11:55pm10/02/12 11:55pm

Meet Chris Kilkus. He's a Photographer Who Works With Kids. He's Also a Registered Sex Offender.

Christopher Kilkus is an experienced fashion photographer who has shot for brands and publications like Bebe, BCBG, Forever21, Seventeen, and Cosmopolitan. He's also photographed minors for some of these jobs, which is a problem: Kilkus is a convicted and publicly registered sex offender. »5/31/12 1:50pm5/31/12 1:50pm

Look Out, Michigan. You've Got a 'Pantyhose Pervert' in Your Midst

Congratulations, women and children of Detroit, you have a new sex offender to look out for. A white male in his 50s has been witnessed frequenting several establishments, mainly clothing stores and salons (where he reportedly requests Brazilians), wearing only pantyhose to cover his lower half. I know, how terribly… »3/23/12 2:00pm3/23/12 2:00pm

Sex Offender Registries May Not Be Very Effective

There's evidence that sex offender registries are crowded with too many people who pose little threat to the community, like those convicted of fornicating with with other teens or sexting photos of themselves. Even if the system isn't perfect, we assume that it's still a valuable tool to protect us against dangerous… »8/31/11 6:08pm8/31/11 6:08pm

Ill Conceived Program Matches Sex Offenders, Children

Residents of the Land of Lincoln are undoubtedly aware of the unrelenting clusterfuck that is state and local governments. Usually the tangled web of patronage and ball-dropping results in rueful head shaking, or a shrug along with the line, "Well! That's Illinois!" But now, it seems that the headless vowel elongating… »8/27/11 3:00pm8/27/11 3:00pm

Dad Sent To Jail For Threatening Daughter's Sex Offender Boyfriend

California dad Domingos Jose Oliveira was sentenced to seven years in prison for hanging "dead or alive" wanted posters for his 20-year-old daughter's boyfriend and offering a $3,000 reward for his death. Oliveira's issues with 33-year-old Sean Kirk go beyond thinking he's a dirt bag. Kirk had to register as a sex… »8/03/11 11:30pm8/03/11 11:30pm

Sex Offender Busted For Using Facebook In Front Of Cop

Robert McGuire, a sex offender who was banned from using the internet was arrested yesterday when he went on Facebook at a San Luis Obispo Apple store — right next to a sheriff's detective. The detective had apparently followed him into the store, but it's unclear if he knew McGuire was about to violate his parole in… »5/26/11 4:20pm5/26/11 4:20pm