Do Child Offenders Belong on the Sex Offender Registry for Life?

A current lawsuit against the governor of Colorado alleges that juveniles convicted of sex crimes should not be forced to register as sex offenders for their entire lives. The plaintiffs argue that registering offenders (children and certain adults) for life is "cruel and unusual," and, more broadly, that the sex… »9/10/13 12:40pm9/10/13 12:40pm


Are Male Teen Sex Offenders Just Misunderstood Romeos?

Parents of young men who have been busted and sent to jail for having sex with underage girlfriends are fighting anti-sex offender laws on their sons' behalf. Sex offender registry standards are unfair, they say, and enforcing statutory rape laws when the two people involved are just two kids in love is unjust. Is it? »1/26/12 11:15am1/26/12 11:15am

Meet Sarah Tofte: Death Penalty Researcher Turned Rape Kit Activist

Sarah Tofte is a researcher with Human Rights Watch, and organization more known for its international policy and anti-death penalty work than its work on women's issues — in fact, its website on women's issues in the U.S. is sparse to be sure. But when we saw Tofte's byline on an Op Ed in the L.A. Times last month… »7/22/08 4:30pm7/22/08 4:30pm