Pesky Sexual Harassment Laws Ruined Geraldo Rivera's Sex Life

A few weeks ago, Geraldo Rivera had a riveting conversation about his life with Will Cain of The Blaze. Part of that discussion included a breakdown of how on earth Rivera could have managed to sleep with 1,000 women, as he claimed he had in his 1991 autobiography. » 3/20/14 6:15pm 3/20/14 6:15pm

'Dear Neighbor, I Understand You Are a Prostitute'

Apartment living is one of those experiences that few people aspire to, but most are forced into experiencing at some point in their lives. "Living around other people is hard," say duh experts. You often have to listen to a stranger's footsteps, fights, music etc., and, occasionally you have to confront them about… » 4/30/12 6:00pm 4/30/12 6:00pm

How To Deal With Judgy Doctors

The doctor's office is a place where we're often at our most vulnerable. And when doctors are judgmental, be it about our sexual history, our relationship status, our orientation, or our weight, it can be hard to know how to respond. Below, some tips on handling this difficult situation. » 10/13/11 3:50pm 10/13/11 3:50pm

Teens Who Have Sex Will Not Necessarily Become Delinquents

Good news: Teens who have sex might just fare alright in their lives! The bad news is that they're probably still going to hell. » 8/16/10 1:05pm 8/16/10 1:05pm

Gays Win The Right To Remain 'Lesbians' • Depressed Women Get A Lift…

Lesbians, rejoice! A Greek court has dismissed the request of three residents from the island of Lesbos to ban the use of the word "lesbian" to describe gay women. • A dying 8-year-old boy "married" his "special friend" in a make-believe ceremony a day before he passed away from leukemia. • A male letter carrier from… » 7/22/08 5:20pm 7/22/08 5:20pm