Radar: New Woman To Make "Sexual Charges" Against Roman Polanski

On the heels of yet another petition supporting Roman Polanski, this one signed by famous directors, a new woman will apparently hold a press conference today accusing Polanski of sexual misconduct. » 5/14/10 9:30am 5/14/10 9:30am

Australian Virgins To Be Auctioned Off

An Australian filmmaker is organizing a mass virginity auction and filming it as a documentary. Selling virginity, of course, is nothing new — what is new is pretending such sales are ideologically interesting. » 5/10/10 12:00pm 5/10/10 12:00pm

Not That Innocent: GQ Video, Andrew Young Cast Doubt On Hunter's Story

A video of Rielle Hunter's GQ photo shoot casts major doubt on her claims that she didn't know the pictures would be sexy — and Andrew Young is busily trying to discredit her other assertions. » 3/16/10 12:20pm 3/16/10 12:20pm