NYC's Mayor Bloomberg Would Not Want to Be Treated like a Prostitute

NYC cab drivers who have been convicted of sex trafficking-related felonies will now be penalized under a new law which will raise fines on drivers who run what the city calls "brothels on wheels." Drivers applying for or renewing their licenses will also be educated about how to spot trafficking victims and the… »6/15/12 3:10pm6/15/12 3:10pm

Small Mexican Town Produces an Alarmingly Large Percentage of New York Sex Traffickers

Anyone familiar with the Mexico sketched in Roberto Bolaño's fiction knows that the southwestern borderlands from 2666 and The Savage Detectives is a place of almost mythic criminality, where apathetic or outright antagonistic law enforcement does little to relieve the heavy burden of drug cartel violence plaguing the… »6/03/12 5:00pm6/03/12 5:00pm

More Women In Porn Making Waves Behind The Camera

While Hugh Hefner's daughter Christie (seen at left) may be one of the more famous women in porn who's never actually been in porn, there are actually plenty of women cashing in on the industry. MSNBC's Brian Alexander talked to more than a few of them about what it's like to make your money in an industry that many… »12/03/08 5:00pm12/03/08 5:00pm

Gay For Pay: Can A Guy Really Be Straight If He Bones Dudes?

A new episode of MTV's True Life aired last night called "I Work in the Sex Industry." While "sex industry" is defined kinda loosely (one of the girls they follow hosts a college radio sex show), the storyline following Aaron, a 23-year-old straight guy who works in gay porn, was pretty interesting. He says he really,… »2/28/08 8:00pm2/28/08 8:00pm