Tell Us What Sex Ed in the United States Is Really Like 

It’s hard to talk about sex education in the United States. Not just because conservative protesters try to prevent their local schools from teaching it, but because–as John Oliver pointed out last month in a spot-on segment of Last Week Tonight–lesson plans in US schools are wildly inconsistent, varying dramatically… »9/15/15 11:05am9/15/15 11:05am

Arizona School District: No More Birth Control in Science Classes

A school board in Arizona has voted to remove the pages of a high school biology textbook that mention contraception and abortion. The Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board voted 3-2 to redact two pages from Campbell Biology after hearing a presentation from a lawyer with the Christian legal advocacy group Alliance… »10/30/14 2:15pm10/30/14 2:15pm

Terrifying Public High School Speaker: If You Take Birth Control, Your Mother Probably Hates You

Meet Pam Stenzel. Pam Stenzel is a highly-paid* lecturer who speaks about the virtues of abstinence. Stenzel spoke on Monday at George Washington High School in Charleston, WV and created quite a stir when she allegedly made comments like, "If you take birth control, your mother probably hates you," and "I could look… »4/12/13 11:40am4/12/13 11:40am

Arkansas Senate Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood and Sex Ed Funding

The Arkansas Senate passed a bill yesterday that defunds Planned Parenthood and all other entities that provide abortions, refer patients to other abortion providers or contract with an abortion provider or referrer. (If you accidentally brush by an abortion provider on the sidewalk, you're banned from the state for… »4/10/13 1:45pm4/10/13 1:45pm

Evangelicals Finally Admit That Not Even God Can Stop Teenage Boning

If premarital sex made the baby Jesus cry, he'd be a pretty hoarse, colic-y baby. Because evangelical teens, despite the fact that they're told day in and day out that bumping uglies before God says it's okay is wrong (like going to hell wrong) are having all kinds of secret sex with each other. And because of their… »7/13/12 6:00pm7/13/12 6:00pm

Internet Social Justice Mob Goes Batshit on Activist, Has No Sense of Irony

Have you ever said something sort of dumb and immature on the internet? When it was brought to your attention, did you own up to it, acknowledge that your saying it was wrong, apologize for the offense and pain it caused, and immediately explain how you've learned from the experience and will make sure it won't happen… »7/11/12 5:00pm7/11/12 5:00pm

State Department Kids Treated to Educational Lecture About Hookers

The Secret Service's failure to be serviced in secret is now the hottest topic in DC area elementary schools after yesterday's ill-advised Take Your Child to Work Day at the US State Department. The State Department just so happens to be investigating a certain Secret Service for having certain sex with certain… »4/27/12 4:20pm4/27/12 4:20pm

Abstinence-Only Education Now Includes Warning Against Dangers of Fingerblasting

Concerned that their precious children are not learning to be terrified enough about the deadly consequences of sexual intercourse, lawmakers in Tennessee have added language to their abstinence-only sex ed curriculum that warns students of the dangers of "gateway sexual activity" in a desperate effort to make sure… »4/06/12 6:45pm4/06/12 6:45pm

Sensible Utah Governor Vetoes Proposed Ban on Sex Ed in Schools

Good news this morning from the Beehive State — Utah Governor Gary Herbert vetoed a bill yesterday that would have banned schools from teaching contraception as a way of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and instead relegated it to the realm of dirty liberal tricks where so many social… »3/17/12 12:30pm3/17/12 12:30pm

The President Doesn't Like Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Because He Wants You to Be Poor, Says Rick Santorum

Hateful Muppet Rick Santorum told a crowd of slack jawed Floridians that the Obama administration is against abstinence-only education because the President wants America to be poor. Not only is the idea that comprehensive sex ed is the path to poverty 17 shades of incorrect, it points out a disturbing truth: Rick… »1/26/12 12:15pm1/26/12 12:15pm