Story of Teen Killing 43-Year-Old Boyfriend Is 11 Flavors of Bonkers

Today, USAToday and local media reported that a 16-year-old girl is being tried as an adult in the case of the murder of her 43-year-old boyfriend, who she killed "during sex" while her mother was in the other room. Missing from the story? Arizona's age of consent, which is 18. Everyone just kind of glossed over that. »1/23/14 2:00pm1/23/14 2:00pm


Charming Food Fetishist Teacher Harassed Girls Over the Internet

A former teacher at the quaintly-named Coatbridge College in Canada has finally been struck off the teacher registry after allegedly making improper sexual suggestions to female students via webcam. 37-year-old Gavin Bradford was said to have asked 20 girls (some as young as 12) to turn on their webcams while they… »7/26/12 10:00am7/26/12 10:00am

German Woman Tries to Hold Sexhausted Man Prisoner in Her Apartment

It's your typical modern liaison — a man and a woman meet in a Munich bar, get a little drunk because they still have some vestigial social hang-ups about casual sex, head back to the woman's apartment, and do it. When neither of them falls asleep after the first go-round, they do it again and again and again until… »4/14/12 2:00pm4/14/12 2:00pm

Are Male Teen Sex Offenders Just Misunderstood Romeos?

Parents of young men who have been busted and sent to jail for having sex with underage girlfriends are fighting anti-sex offender laws on their sons' behalf. Sex offender registry standards are unfair, they say, and enforcing statutory rape laws when the two people involved are just two kids in love is unjust. Is it? »1/26/12 11:15am1/26/12 11:15am

NBC Reporter Arrested For DUI After Partying With Sandusky's Lawyer

Sadly, a media personality getting a DUI isn't all that unusual, but the circumstances of NBC Correspondent Jay Gray's arrest in Pennsylvania early on the morning of December 12 are rather interesting. He was leaving the home of Jerry Sandusky attorney and sleazeball in his own right Joe Amendola, who invited several… »12/20/11 11:13pm12/20/11 11:13pm

Legendary Penn State Coach Prolific At Winning, Child Abuse

This has been a weekend of complicated emotions for fans of Penn State's Nittany Lions football team. On one hand, they're number 1 in this week's Big Ten Power Rankings and have an impressive 8-1 record; it's possible the team could be headed to the Rose Bowl. On the other, former longtime defensive coordinator Jerry… »11/07/11 12:40pm11/07/11 12:40pm