Massachusetts Officials to Appeal Inmate’s Sex Reassignment, Obviously

Anyone who thought that Massachusetts inmate Michelle Kosilek's sex reassignment surgery would proceed smoothly after Judge Mark Wolf ruled that Kosilek had an Eighth Amendement right to "adequate medical care" to treat her gender-identity disorder has seriously underestimated the appeals process. Shame on you for… » 9/27/12 10:25am 9/27/12 10:25am

Soda And Sex Changes: A Match Made In Heaven

Coca-Cola would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. It's just one of the megacompanies that's expanded its insurance policies to cover the sex-change operations of employees. And it's a growing trend. » 2/22/11 2:13pm 2/22/11 2:13pm

Man Who Had Two Sex Changes Says They Should Be Outlawed

One man, two sex changes, about a million gender stereotypes — welcome, friends, to the prejudice-ridden world of millionaire Charles Kane. » 11/08/10 2:45pm 11/08/10 2:45pm

Men Inhabit Women's Bodies In Virtual-Reality Experiment

A Barcelona University study put men in virtual reality helmets that made them see themselves in a woman's body. Supposedly this temporarily "affects their behavior and the way they think," but how many dudes were just ogling themselves? [The Guardian] » 5/13/10 11:20am 5/13/10 11:20am

12-Year-Old To Undergo Sex-Change

A 12-year-old boy from the UK hopes to become the world's youngest sex-change patient. After he showed up as a girl for the first day of school, teachers called an assembly to explain the transformation to the other students. [DailyMail] » 9/18/09 11:40am 9/18/09 11:40am

Man Living As A Woman Lacks Balls

The problem with the man who spent a week living like a woman? Total bullshit. Because what Tom Mitchelson actually did for his Daily Mail story was live as he imagined a woman might. Meaning: "I worried about cellulite, obsessed about finding the right partner and thought constantly about my biological clock." He… » 9/20/07 5:00pm 9/20/07 5:00pm