You Can Narrate the Sex and the Single Girl Audiobook, If You’re Sassy Enough, Of Course

Are you witty? Are you sassy? Do you have a voice that people will pay to listen to for 12 whole hours, probably while they're driving across the country but maybe also while they're sitting in Beltway rush hour traffic wondering whether it wouldn't be better, after all, to be a butterfly? If you answer and… »8/22/12 11:55pm8/22/12 11:55pm


How Well Does Sex and the Single Girl's Sex Advice Hold Up?

The late Helen Gurley Brown lived like Peggy, but she plotted like Joan. When she wrote Sex and the Single Girl, she was in her forties, and had been married for years. But that didn't stop her from crafting a book that helped rewrite the Old-Maid-at-Twenty-Three world of being a single lady in the 1960s. The book's… »8/17/12 12:40pm8/17/12 12:40pm

Looking For Love? Don't Change Your Hair, Weight Or Cup Size — Change Your Country

Today on Salon »8/12/08 3:20pm8/12/08 3:20pm, there's a worthwhile from , a book by Anita Jain. Ms. Jain's story is one of hope in a time of despair: The single girl who wants desperately to fall in love. Like Carrie Bradshaw, Holly Golightly and so many before her, Ms. Jain finds that New York is an incredibly tough town when it comes to dating.…