'This Misterie of Fucking': A Sex Manual From 1680

“[I] stopped at Martin's, my bookseller, where I saw the French book which I did think to have had for my wife to translate, called L'escholle des filles, but when I come to look in it, it is the most bawdy, lewd book that ever I saw… I was ashamed of reading in it.”
The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Monday, January 13,…

»6/25/13 5:45pm6/25/13 5:45pm

Dad's Sex Tips To One-Year-Old Are Worst Fatherly Advice Ever

Former Houston hand surgeon Dr. Michael Brown was acquitted last month of abusing his fourth wife, ten years after he admitted to beating his third wife with a bedpost and dragged her down the stairs by her hair. Now, his letters to his baby daughter have surfaced, and their explicit sex tips make them extremely… »10/03/11 5:45pm10/03/11 5:45pm

Queefs: What's The Etiquette For Dealing With Air Up There?

Of all the embarrassing stuff that can happen during sex — urine leaks, unwelcome fingers in intimate places, saying the wrong person's name — queefing is right up there at the top of the list. It might be even more taboo than farting. But you know what? That's only because it's something that guys can't do, so… »1/18/08 3:00pm1/18/08 3:00pm

Dear Jezebel: Thanks For Telling Me About That Plan B Stuff. Think I'm Pregnant?

It may shock you to know that here at Jezebel we don't think of ourselves as sex educators. Or really, "educators." Or really anything besides mindless crap. But we're so flattered when you disagree! Here, from our mailbag, is a little story about a lady who was inspired to take Plan B after our Friday post »7/16/07 1:52pm7/16/07 1:52pm