All the Ways Birth Control Pills Can Affect Your Sex Life, for Better or Worse

Around 10 million women in the U.S. take some form of birth control pill, and with good reason: the Pill is one of the most effective birth control methods. But messing with your hormones can alter your sex life in positive and negative ways. Here’s what you need to know, as a pill-taker or as the partner of one. »10/09/15 1:28pmYesterday 1:28pm

How to Prevent Masturbation from Ruining Your Relationship

Is there a place in relationships for masturbation? The easy answer is “yes!” It’s your body, you should be able to do whatever the hell you want with it. But like anything else in life, masturbation has some complexities that can affect your relationship. Here’s how to have a healthy relationship with your partner and »9/30/15 12:13pm9/30/15 12:13pm

Pissing Contest XXL: Your 10 Best Stories of Hurting Yourselves While Having Sex

Good fucking god, did you guys ever bring it last week when we called for stories about your craziest sex injuries. There were tales of burns, stitches, broken bones, and concussions. Some of you fell off the bed, others fainted in the shower. Your stories were so amazing, in fact, that we couldn’t limit ourselves to… »9/25/15 8:00pm9/25/15 8:00pm

How to Make a Sex Tape that Doesn't Suck


If you’ve ever watched a sex scene in a movie or porn, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like to star in your your own naughty flick. When your curiosity gets the best of you, here are some things to keep in mind—including tips for choosing the right costar, finding the best angles, and keeping your video… »9/23/15 12:32pm9/23/15 12:32pm

7-11 Now Delivering Specialty Packages Guaranteed to Get You Laid 

Because nothing says romance quite like “Big Gulp & chill,” 7-11 has stepped out of its comfort zone—cream cheese taquitos and deliciously dried out egg rolls—and gotten right into the dating game. The retail giant will now send a romantic package directly to your home for $20. Slurpee, unfortunately, not included. »9/15/15 3:20pm9/15/15 3:20pm

How to Tell a Potential Partner You Have an STI

The CDC estimates that you have a 50% chance of getting a sexually transmitted infection before you turn 25. Even though STIs are remarkably common, most people feel uncomfortable having honest conversations about safety with new sexual partners. Having an STI is never going to be a walk in the park, but sharing your… »9/10/15 3:19pm9/10/15 3:19pm

Woman Removes Blindfold, Discovers Her Boyfriend Is Actually a Woman in a Swimsuit and a Strap On 

25-year-old Gayle Newland of Willaston, Cheshire is on trial in the UK for five counts of sexual assault against her female friend—according to the alleged victim, Newland pretended to be a Filipino-Latino man named Kye Fortune, developed a relationship with the woman over the internet and on the phone, and later had… »9/09/15 11:10am9/09/15 11:10am

Let's Talk About Ideal Marriage, the Book That Taught Your Grandparents How to Bone

These days, if you want to be delivered unto marriage with a sexual blank slate, it takes a village full of abstinence-only educators working overtime—and then some. Today, information about the most obscure kinks is a Google search away, there are detailed diagrams available for positions that would daunt a… »9/08/15 4:30pm9/08/15 4:30pm

3D-Printed Penises Reveal That Women Prefer Normal Sized Dicks to Anacondas

If there’s one great thing about science (and there are many), it’s that we live in an age where developments in the field of penis study have finally allowed researchers to ask the real questions, like “how big is too big?” and “what is the perfect penis size for a long-term relationship?” The answer: Bigger is not… »9/03/15 11:50am9/03/15 11:50am