This Middle Aged Man Would Like Girls to Stop Worrying Their Pretty Little Heads About Photo Retouching

In response to recent protests over Seventeen magazine's photo retouching of teenage girls (and the publication's lukewarm capitulation), the Daily Beast ran an editorial by one Jim Warren, former Chicago Tribune managing editor, MSNBC political analyst, and inescapably middle-aged white dude. Warren's point? Well,… »7/06/12 7:20pm7/06/12 7:20pm

Seventeen Magazine's New Photoshop Policy Is the Same As The Old Photoshop Policy

Seventeen has at last, in an oblique kind of way, responded to the controversy sparked in April when a 14-year-old from Maine started an online petition calling out the magazine's over-use of Photoshop. That petition, started by a middle school student named Julia Bluhm, quickly went viral and was signed by over… »7/06/12 1:00pm7/06/12 1:00pm

Seventeen Says Thanks But No Thanks To Teen's Photoshop Petition

Seventeen editor Ann Shoket met yesterday with Julia Bluhm, the 14-year-old reader who started an online petition to ask the magazine to curb its use of Photoshop. Although the magazine accepted the petition and its nearly 25,000 signatures when Bluhm went to deliver it in person yesterday, it appears Seventeen has no… »5/03/12 5:00pm5/03/12 5:00pm

Seventeen Informs Girls That Boys Are Probably Lying To Them

The Awl has been reading the August issue of Seventeen for some reason and spotted this gem: A column called "LIES He Tells You Straight To Your Face." Maybe it's best that girls learn they can't trust anything guys say, from basic facts about their lives to their love of kittens. It paves the way for Cosmo to scare… »8/03/11 9:30am8/03/11 9:30am

“It's Fun To Be Seventeen", Unless, Of Course, You're Seventeen

It's been a while since I've read Seventeen, but I assumed not much would have changed. Through the ages, teen girls have always needed the magazine to rehash the same stories about which jeans look best on "curvy" figures and assuage their fears about vaginal odor. But this wise "older sister" has turned abusive of… »7/11/08 1:00pm7/11/08 1:00pm

Anatomy Of A Celebrity Maturation: Avril Lavigne Grows Up, Buys More, Sounds The Same

If there is one thing we are more soooooo sick of than Avril Lavigne giving interviews about how she is soooooo sick of everyone talking about how she is this, like, tomboy in Chuck Taylors and suspenders because she is suuuuuch a feminine grown-up now (and p.s. Mark Jacobs and Proenza whatever and every other cool… »4/12/07 2:06pm4/12/07 2:06pm