Jada Pinkett Smith Finally Understands Men, Feels Really Bad for Them

Hot off a "scooping out her own eye" scene on a recent episode of Gotham, Jada Pinkett Smith stopped by Late Night with Seth Myers Thursday night to discuss her latest project: Magic Mike XXL. And while for many of us naked dudes are a welcome distraction, for Pinkett Smith, working with male strippers was an… »3/06/15 11:50am3/06/15 11:50am


Time Really Should Have Photoshopped Out the Chair on Breastfeeding Cover

Will Ferrell returned to SNL last night in an attempt to fan the embers of his dying movie career (he'll star opposite Zach Galifianakis in the latest movie with a baby-punching joke, The Campaign, surely not destined to be confused for a much better movie about politics, Election). Saturday Night Live has gotten… »5/13/12 1:30pm5/13/12 1:30pm

Amy & Seth Entertain Crazy Lady From McCain's Minnesota Rally

Remember the ignorant Midwestern lady »10/17/08 2:30pm10/17/08 2:30pm, , who called Obama an "Arab" at a John McCain rally outside Minneapolis last week? Well she bumbled onto the "Weekend Update" set during the Thursday special last night, and she had a lot more to say about our beloved Barry. Did you know he's been cavorting with terriers? And…

Amy Poehler & Seth Myers Wax Angry About AIG (Really!)

So the stock market is falling off a cliff and exploding and then getting peed on by deranged bears, and most people are reacting with fear and depression. But not Amy Poehler and Seth Myers! During last night's SNL »10/10/08 11:00am10/10/08 11:00am Thursday special, they were discussing the government's bailout of AIG with a refreshing level of rage!…