Drew Barrymore Did a Special Kind of Hugging and Nine Months Later a Baby Came Out!

And the baby is amaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiing!!! I mean, okay, it's only been alive for like a day, so it's pretty much just a standard baby so far. BUT. Its name is Olive (CUTE) and it came out of Drew Barrymore and I like her. Also her weird non-celebrity husband is handsome! Congratulations, you crazy kids! »10/01/12 8:00pm10/01/12 8:00pm


Ryan Lochte, Professor of Jeahcology, Issues Emergency Edict Regarding Ryan Lochte SNL Sketch

Did you watch SNL this weekend? Probably not. But you might have watched clips of various hand selected successful sketches from SNL assembled by bloggers assigned to cover SNL and write recaps about it. And among those clips was yet another sendup of Ryan Lochte, this time with Seth McFarlane playing the decorated… »9/17/12 5:00pm9/17/12 5:00pm