Hero Dog Lunges in Front Of Bus to Protect His Blind Owner

Brace yourselves for the river of cryface you are about to endure. A legally-blind woman from Putnam County, New York named Audrey Stone was crossing the street with her service dog, Figo, when a mini school bus began coming towards them. Figo sensed danger and immediately moved from the right side of Stone to her… »6/09/15 11:45pm6/09/15 11:45pm


Therapeutic Iguanas And Other Questionable Service Animals

As of March 15, the Americans With Diabilities Act will only recognize dogs and some miniature horses as service animals, The Wall Street Journal reports. Advocated for the disabled actually lobbied the Department of Justice to narrow the definition of service animals because the number of people abusing the system is… »2/24/11 1:38pm2/24/11 1:38pm