Meet the Creepy Lady Robot Who Will Now Help You at the Airport

Of all the things our airports need these days, more working bathrooms, better food options, and fewer epicly shitty delays would probably top the list. But rather than getting those things, those of us who live in New York are apparently instead getting an unsettling avatar who is designed to replace human customer… »5/22/12 11:00pm5/22/12 11:00pm


Why Do You Suddenly Look 100 Years Older After Having a Baby?

Try this experiment, new moms everywhere: Go into the bathroom, position yourself in front of the mirror, and give yourself your biggest, brightest, most enthusiastic smile and thumbs up with the best posture you can muster. If that sends wincing grandma pains through your back, head, shoulders, vagina, and left… »3/20/12 6:30pm3/20/12 6:30pm

Everything I Know About Parenting a Toddler I Learned From Waiting Tables

I only waited tables for five years, but it was just long enough to learn that all line cooks are stoners, sex in a freezer isn't what you'd expect, bitches are bitches and $2.13 an hour is a travesty. It made me kinda hate people, but it also made me understand them: their struggles, their dreams, their shitty taste… »3/13/12 5:40pm3/13/12 5:40pm

Santorum Meant to Say It's Ladies' Weakness, Not Emotions, That Keeps Them Out of Combat

Last week, Rick Santorum said he didn't think women should be allowed in combat because the "types of emotions that are involved." Well, he's since clarified his position, and it turns out he wasn't referring to women's out of control emotions but men's. You see, he's worried that male soldiers would get themselves in… »2/13/12 11:00am2/13/12 11:00am