Looks Like the FBI Recovered Some of Hillary Clinton's Deleted Emails 

Bloomberg News is reporting that a “person familiar with the investigation” confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigations has recovered emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server. According to Bloomberg, the FBI is investigating “how and why classified information ended up on Clinton’s server.” »9/22/15 11:00pm9/22/15 11:00pm


Waitresses Sue Former Employer for Forcing Them to Party With Male Customers

Show me a woman who works in the service industry and doesn't have horror stories about being treated like crap by her male employers/coworkers/customers and I'll show you my winning Powerball jackpot ticket. Is it surprising that three former servers who used to work at La Fogata, a Mexican restaurant and bar in… »12/12/12 1:05pm12/12/12 1:05pm