Joseph Gordon-Levitt Performs Serge Gainsbourg Song Entirely In French

Swoon alert: Video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt performing at the Serge Gainsbourg tribute concert at the Hollywood Bowl Sunday night has hit the interweb. This comes a week after he performed a cover of Nirvana's "Lithium," causing a rampant JGL-induced fever to all Jezebel readers who watched. (I hear that a splash of… »8/30/11 12:20pm8/30/11 12:20pm

Kira Plastinia: The Last Pointless 15-Year-Old Rich Person I Ever Want To Read About

"I think teenagers are all the same everywhere," says Kira Plastinia, a 15-year-old Russian, and "wrinkles her nose." Kira is apparently the Miley Cyrus meets Mary Kate Olsen of the former Soviet Republics; her dad, an orange juice mogul, bought her a a clothing line, and a signature shade of pink, and Paris Hilton's… »5/19/08 5:00pm5/19/08 5:00pm